What is Cricket, Who Invented Cricket, How to Play Cricket

What is Cricket, Who Invented Cricket, How to Play Cricket

What is cricket?

Circket is a Bat and Bowl Game (Sport) Cricket was invented by England in 16th century. But First Cricket International Match Played in 18th Century.

Teams and players

It is playing by 2 Teams and each team has 11 active team players, who participate at Ground. Moreover, Each team has some spare players known as a substitute. Who enter on ground if any active player gets injured or some other circumstances, But substitute players can only enter into ground as a fielder or a runner. They can’t do Batting or Bowling as per ICC (International Cricket Council) rules.
There are various type of format playing in cricket game such as One Day, Twenty twenty, Test etc. Each format has some different rules and regulations.

One day match has 50 overs (300 deliveries) Twenty twenty just only 20 overs match, moreover test match is a 5 day game. There is also a 4Day match playing in domestic cricket.

About Ground

This game is only playing on a Cricket Ground. Cricket Ground is a round circle shape. At the center of cricket field there is some area which is rectangular 22 Yard and known as a”Pitch”. On pitch there is a stumps (3 wooden stumps) on both end of the pitch. There are various kind of fielding positions on the ground. The above picture decribes all the fielding positions.

How to Play

As i told earlier it plays on Cricket Ground with two active teams. First of all umpire and commentator go to the pitch with both team’s Captains. Once they reach at a pitch, Umpire tossed a coin to determine which team bat or bowl first. Once it decides Bowling team get on to Cricket field and setup their field and choose a player who will bowl first. On the other hand, two players from the opponent team also comes to pitch as a batsmen.

Once all setup bowler starts his bowling and match starts. Bating team has to put as many as scores they can put on the board. Each over has a 6 balls in it. Batsmen can get runs by running, 4(four) and 6(six). Once batsman hits the ball and it touches to boundary rope umpire gives a signal of 4 runs. If that bowl is sailing over the boundary rope it will be a 6 runs (six).

So once batting team finish its inning, Then bowling team starts their inning of batting and they have to chase the runs to win the match. That’s a cricket.


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